Sales agility reduces
our order processing
errors to nearly zero

Glenn Sherling
Sr. Dir. US Operations

Sales agility slashes
our order-to-delivery
time by 70%

Steffen Hauger
CRM Director

Sales agility  propels
online ordering by
our distributors

Vivian McDonald
Director, US Sales

Sales agility boosts
productivity of our
reps & merchandisers

Carl Harrison
IT Director, Europe

PEPPERI is the B2B commerce platform for brands & wholesalers

Sales agility for onsite and online B2B sales


One-stop-shop for all your B2B sales needs:

  • Mobile sales automation
  • Mobile merchandising
  • Mobile route accounting
  • Mobile B2B e-commerce


The most configurable platform, with code-free customization. Easily adapt workflows, forms, business rules, and dashboards to fit your specific sales needs.


Give your reps and customers the freedom to sell and buy using any device, anywhere, any time. iOS, Android or Windows. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs…it’s all good.